ARQUUS Showcases Defense Innovation at IDEX 2019

18.02.2019 UAE
ARQUUS Showcases Defense Innovation at IDEX 2019

ARQUUS Showcases Defense Innovation at IDEX 2019

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ARQUUS is taking part at the IDEX international exhibition, taking place from 17-21 February in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

For ARQUUS, IDEX 2019 is placed under the sign of innovation. In a constantly evolving world, with fast-changing technologies, innovation is key to keeping a lead and ensuring the security of the armies and the soldiers who rely on us and put their faith in our vehicles.

Thanks to a constant effort in R&D, ARQUUS is at the tip of the spear in several fields which will define the future of land defense. The company is investing in electro-mobility, hybrid drive, system integration, energy management, automation, vetronics… ARQUUS wishes to demonstrate its ability to innovate and take part in this reshaping of military capabilities, both in the fields of mobility, protection and firepower, which are ARQUUS’ DNA, and in the field of support.

As a major supplier for various Armies in the Middle East, ARQUUS is proud to present two of its most iconic vehicles: the VAB MK3 and the FORTRESS.

In its first version, the VAB has been writing several pages of the French Army’s history for more than 40 years. As Panhard’s rightful heir, ARQUUS is proud to keep supporting such a legendary vehicle, both for France and for all armies and units which have used it as their battlehorse. On top of that commitment to support these vehicles, ARQUUS is now offering upgrade packages for all Panhard vehicles, VAB and VBL. Building on its knowledge, the company is currently undertaking such upgrades for the French Army, bringing VAB and VBL to the Ultima version.

Thanks to the same knowledge, ARQUUS has developed the VAB MK3, ARQUUS’ jewel in the medium range of armored vehicles. At IDEX, ARQUUS is showcasing a new package for the VAB MK3: the Advanced Survivability System, which further protects the vehicle against all the threats met on the battlefield. The system notably counters Tandem Warheads, while allowing for better protection against mines and ballistic threats. The VAB MK3 is now safer than ever.

To answer the need for more protection in dangerous environments, and to transport forces in the best conditions, ARQUUS is constantly working on its FORTRESS. The FORTRESS is a battle-proven APC, renowned for its robustness and its armor, which allows for extremely high tactical mobility in all circumstances, while ensuring the safety of its crew. Building on the success of the vehicle in various Special Forces around the world, ARQUUS is currently adapting the vehicle to meet the needs of Armies in the Middle East.

Both vehicles can be equipped with all “technological bricks” developed by ARQUUS, which, when combined, can merge into fully new vehicles, designed from scratch and tailored to meet the forces’ needs. The SCARABEE, ARQUUS’ first born, constitutes an excellent example of the company’s trust on long-term commitment with the Armies and faith in innovation.

In addition, ARQUUS offers complete and innovative support for all its vehicles, from formation and remote support to complete management of fleets. The company’s logistics center, the ARQUUS Hub, which recently opened in Fourchambault, France, provides all necessary parts and spares, if necessary on very short notice, guaranteeing responsiveness and operational technical availability, including the most difficult situations.

ARQUUS can also provide all its partners with adapted financing offers. Last, but not least, the company is able to take charge of tailored vehicle series, dimensioned for the needs of each and every governmental force.

ARQUUS is a major player in the French and European land defense industry, a leading manufacturer of light and medium armored vehicles in the defense and security sectors. ARQUUS has close to 25,000 wheeled vehicles in service in France. The company provides support for most of these vehicles.

ARQUUS also manages a large portfolio of contracts in France with the DGA (French Defense Procurement Agency) and SIMMT (structure tasked with maintaining the operational readiness of land equipment). Several programs are up and running: Griffon and Jaguar (joint venture with Thales and Nexter) on the Scorpion program, VT4 tactical vehicles (replacing the P4), Special Forces’ vehicles, and also improvements to the existing fleets of VAB, VBL and PVP.

Globally, ARQUUS has a foothold in over 50 countries across five continents.



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