UAE Forces Continue Preparations for ‘Union Fortress 3’ Drill

Photo: WAM WAM16.02.2018 UAE
UAE Forces Continue Preparations for ‘Union Fortress 3’ Drill

UAE Forces Continue Preparations for ‘Union Fortress 3’ Drill

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The UAE Armed Forces is continuing their preparations for the Military Show ‘Union Fortress 3’, scheduled to be held on 24th February at Al Ain International Airport, Emirates News Agency WAM reported.


The Union Fortress 3 will be implemented by main units of ground and air forces, in addition to the Presidential Guard. The aim of this show is to demonstrate the remarkable military power, as well as its ability to carry out rapid intervention missions with outstanding agility and high efficiency, and to perform a wide range of military operations to defend the homeland and protect its security, in close cooperation with other security services.


In its third edition, Union Fortress also focuses on reflecting the advanced capabilities of our valiant armed forces and the courage, dedication, skills and field experience of the soldiers, in addition to the force’s modern equipment and technologies. These factors enabled the forces to form the cornerstone of our homeland’s protection, security and stability, facing the challenges witnessed by the region and the world.


The organization of the military event aligns with the vision of the wise leadership to show the important role played by the brave armed forces in defending the country’s borders and protecting the people and their interests from foreign and internal threats, in cooperation with other ministries and government institutions.


The UAE Armed Forces are fully supported in terms of organization, armament, and training in order to enhance and develop their capabilities and keep pace with the technological development and operational reality. This has made our military a supporting force for regional and global peace, stability and security, while its performance has become the best reflection of the authenticity of our people as well as our civilized and humanitarian values.


The Organizing Committee of the military show confirmed that the UAE Armed Forces’ tremendous achievements qualified them to earn the respect and admiration of the whole world. These forces have become the shield and fortress of the UAE, and the constant protector against conspirators and ill-wishers.


“In the Year of Zayed, we recall the vision of the late founding leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to build a modern national army, which he himself followed-up, until our national industries have ultimately been able to meet aspects of our military demands. His efforts also manifested in the preparation of national cadres and military leaders, making our forces a strong model of efficiency and readiness, as well as being a great example of the true sense of belonging to the homeland and loyalty to the leadership.”


The Organizing Committee of Union Fortress extended an invitation to the public to share the members of the armed forces the feelings of pride, spirit of union, and glorification of their valiant army. The Committee also pointed out that the UAE Armed Forces would not have reached this point without the support of the wise leadership and the societal framework that provided it with all constituents of excellence and strength. These elements are best shown in the cohesion of the UAE community, both citizens and residents, and its feelings of loyalty and belonging to the leadership and homeland.


The Committee explained that the Union Fortress 3 involves several events, most notably the military show that includes different formations and units of the armed forces, in order to highlight the harmony among them, in addition to carrying out field operations, such as live raids, showcasing our armed forces’ combat capabilities while performing internal security operations.


The Committee added that the audience will be able to watch the show in its scene at Al Ain International Airport, which is hosting Union Fortress 3, allowing them the opportunity to learn about the capabilities of the ‘Protectors of Union’. As well, the Committee said the Airport is easy to access from different regions of the country. It has the infrastructure necessary for the show, with suitable conditions for the effective application of military parade and maneuvers of the forces participating. 



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