22.02.2017 UAE


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The holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and the automotive company TATRA TRUCKS are taking part in IDEX 2017 taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 19 and 23 February.

The exhibitors include the holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and the automotive company TATRA TRUCKS.

The companies of the holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) and the automotive company TATRA TRUCKS are bringing several new products and interesting exhibits to IDEX 2017.

The companies of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP in IDEX 2017 include EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL, EXCALIBUR ARMY, EUROPEAN AIR SERVICES, MSM GROUP, ZVS, RETIA, and KARBOX. Together they will demonstrate how beneficial their joint forces can be to customers in various regions.

For example, EXCALIBUR ARMY will unveil a completely new product, the rocket launcher RM-70 VAMPIRE 4D, which utilizes the time-proven launching system GRAD 122mm with a capacity of 80 rounds.  The rocket launcher on the chassis TATRA FORCE 8x8, equipped with a powerful TATRA engine in combination with an TATRA-NORGREN semi-automatic gearbox and a four-door cabin with five seats, is a highly mobile vehicle, which can use its speed to change its position after firing the rockets.

The UAV CANTAS E by the company EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL, which is capable of a vertical take-off and landing, will also be introduced in Abu Dhabi for the very first time. CANTAS E is part of a broader family of universal UAVs and the version CANTAS A will also be on display at IDEX 2017. TATRA TRUCKS provides its Middle Eastern customers with vehicles for transport and controlling of UAVs.  The manufacturer of specialized electronics RETIA is going to present the newest versions of the special radar device ReTWis.

At IDEX 2017, TATRA TRUCKS will unveil a command vehicle built on the chassis TATRA TACTIC 6x6, whose specialized box body was designed by KARBOX, a company of the holding CSG. These vehicles are made in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the company Military Industries Corporation.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are among the most prominent customers of TATRA TRUCKS. The numbers of TATRA vehicles in active service in armies of both countries exceed 2000 units.

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (abbreviated as CSG) is a holding that builds on the tradition of Czechoslovak industry, supporting and further developing activities of Czech and Slovak companies in the field of defense and civil industrial production. Its portfolio includes manufacturing and sales of specialized vehicles, off road trucks, weapons and weapon systems, ammunition, machinery products for automotive, railway and aerospace industry, brake systems for railed vehicles, as well as road transport and logistics.

The group puts a great emphasis on the quality of its products and services, as well as export activities. Products made by the companies of the holding can be seen on all continents and the number of customers is growing steadily. In 2015, the companies of CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP generated revenues of 13.6 billion CZK, and they currently have more than 6 thousand employees.

In 2013 the joint-stock company TATRA TRUCKS acquired a world-famous automotive company based in Kopřivnice, which underwent a successful restructuring after the change of owner. In addition to standardized model ranges, it also manufactures special cargo trucks, tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. 80% of the production of the company is sold abroad.

The automotive factory TATRA TRUCKS has 1,350 employees, while 600 more work in the subsidiary TATRA METALURGIE, focusing mainly on foundry and forgings. In 2016, TATRA TRUCKS manufactured 1326 vehicles, which translates into a more than 50% cent growth year over year.



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