UAE to Use Aselsan’s Stabilized Gun Platforms

13.09.2011 UAE
UAE to Use Aselsan’s Stabilized Gun Platforms

UAE to Use Aselsan’s Stabilized Gun Platforms

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The United Arab Emirates Armed Forces have decided to use Aselsan Stabilized Gun Platforms on various types of boats that serve different applications and missions for the protection of the coasts and critical assets of the country.

ASELSAN Stabilized Gun Platforms namely STAMP and STOP are basically distinguished from each other with respect to the weapons integrated into the systems. STAMP is suitable for the integration of 7,62mm machine gun, 12,7mm machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher, whereas 20/25/30mm guns can be utilized in STOP according to customer requirements.

Usually the Armed Forces use variety of different calibre guns either on fixed platforms (such as border control stations) or on mobile platforms (such as patrol vehicles, patrol boats, vessels etc.). However, during manual operation of guns and similar weapons, the accuracy of shooting decreases severely in harsh terrain, under adverse weather and while firing on-the-move.
Moreover, the gunners are likely to face with counter firings. In other words, in manual use, the shooting capability of the gunner depends on the environmental conditions as well as his personal ability.

However, Aselsan’s Stabilized Gun Platforms are designed for purposes of coastal defence, border defence and defence of naval platforms against asymmetric threats. Coastal and border defense have gained utmost importance since threats to homeland security have been magnified due to increased illegal crossing of borders by drug and weapon smugglers, terrorist groups, and growing attacks on naval vessels operating in open seas.

Effective coastal and border defense capabilities combined with modern combat techniques would reduce the risk of illegal infiltration and possible threats targeting civilians as well as armed forces.

STAMP and STOP are indigenous products designed and developed by Aselsan based on extensive experience accumulated from the applications realized in the areas of air defense and fire control system developments for tanks and self-propelled howitzers.

Aselsan Stabilized Gun Platforms can operate day/night under adverse weather and terrain conditions by employing passive surveillance sensors such as, Thermal Camera, TV Camera and Laser Range Finder. The main function of the system is better locating and tracking (automatic when desired) the target as well as maximizing the hit accuracy while providing maximum security for the gunner.

The system can be remote controlled up to 150 meters with remote ammunition feeding by use of a Remote Gun Control Unit which is located in the vessel or battleship operation and command control center. Automatic slewing to target coordinates and automatic target tracking features are also assigned by Remote Gun Control Unit. An ergonomic gunner console with a ruggedized LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor offers a user-friendly interface to the operator.

Besides the system’s automatic mode, manual back-up mode is available in case preferred. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move. This shoot-on-the-move capability is very important for crew survivability, especially when faced with multiple armed adversaries shooting from different directions.

Stabilized Gun Platforms are designed for use on naval and land platforms. Hence, the systems can be installed onto armored military vehicles, 4x4 armored vehicles, and armored patrol vehicles as well as for stationary use in order to serve for the defense of strategic assets according to tactical requirements.

Within the scope of the project of the United Arab Emirates, the systems shall be supplied and installed by Aselsan to fulfil the requirements of the end-user and strengthen their position against the existing and future threats.

In conclusion, the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces will be equipped with systems of high efficiency, durability and reliability for coastal security and the protection of critical facilities and assets of the United Arab Emirates.

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