Syrian, Russian Navies Hold Exercises in Mediterranean Sea

Sputnik Tass18.12.2019 Syria
Syrian, Russian Navies Hold Exercises in Mediterranean Sea

Syrian, Russian Navies Hold Exercises in Mediterranean Sea

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The Russian Navy and the Navy of the Syrian Arab Republic have started joint exercises in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday.

The source said the exercises involve Russian surface ships and aircraft from the Hmeymim airbase, as well as Syrian Navy missile boats and mine warfare vessels, TASS news agency reported.

The Commander of the exercises, Rear Admiral Alexander Yuldashev, said the maneuvers are held in the common operating environment and will involve various tactical episodes.

“Tactical groups of Russian and Syrian Navy warships will engage in artillery fire training and joint maneuvers. On the shore, security and defense groups will practice anti-UAV measures and efforts to contain and eliminate consequences of an attack on Tartus base facilities,” he said.

The aim of the exercises is to increase interoperability between the armed forces of Russia and Syria and thus to make the anti-terrorism efforts more successful.

Meanwhile, the practical portion of the bilateral Indra-2019 drills has begun in India, Russian Pacific Fleet spokesman Nikolai Voskresensky said on Monday, Sputnik news agency reported.

“The practical part of the Russia-India Indra-2019 military exercise starts today at the Babin training ground, located in the Uttar Pradesh state, as well as in the cities of Marmagao and Pune,” the spokesman said.

According to the plan, vessels of the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet and the Indian Navy will go out to sea and conduct drills to set up a communications system and practice tactical maneuvering. The military forces of the two countries are also set to carry out a joint exercise on organizing air defense.

The military exercise is being held in three Indian states from 11-21 December and includes the air, ground and naval forces of both countries. Over 700 Russian servicemen are participating in the drills.

Russian and Indian servicemen have already conducted operations in a counterterrorism scenario using the T-90 battle tanks and the BMP-2 combat vehicles.

The drills aim to practice joint planning, reconnaissance operations, tactical airborne assaults and neutralizing simulated armed gangs. 



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