5 Russian Warships Heading to the Mediterranean

SANA19.12.2012 Syria
5 Russian Warships Heading to the Mediterranean

5 Russian Warships Heading to the Mediterranean

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The Russian Defense Ministry said that 5 ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet are headed to the Mediterranean to replace the Black Sea Ships stationing there.

Russia Today (RT) website on Tuesday said that a guard ship, 2 large landing ships, rescue vessel and a tanker have set off towards the eastern Mediterranean.

Earlier, a source at the Baltic Sea Fleet Staff said that Ropucha II Class Large Landing Ship from the Baltic Fleet set off in a long journey towards the eastern Mediterranean.

The source added that the landing ship set off from its base in Kaliningrad towards the North Sea, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, is due to enter the Mediterranean after crossing La Manche Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar where it will sojourn for as long as three months.

The source added that on board the ship is a unit of the Russian marines, adding that it will land on the Syrian shores.

The source added that the journey to the eastern Mediterranean was preplanned as it was supposed to set off to the Syrian coast after taking part in the international naval drills nicknamed “BALTOPS 2012”.

Source: SANA; RT



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