Syrian National Council Launches Military Bureau

02.03.2012 Syria
Syrian National Council Launches Military Bureau

Syrian National Council Launches Military Bureau

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The Head of Syrian National Council (SNC) announced on Thursday at a press conference in Paris, the launch of a Military Council to support the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Burhan Ghalioun said that SNC will be seeking advice from consultants and experts on how to support, organize and oversee FSA.

He added that the formation of the Military Council came after consensus among all armed oppositions in Syria.

Ghalioun said that the Military Council was also created after some countries announced that they were ready to arm the FSA. He said it is a step to bring together under one Syrian umbrella all armed groups in a bid to reduce foreign influence in the country.

“We know that some countries have expressed a desire to arm the revolutionaries. The SNC, via its Military Bureau, wanted to organize this flow to avoid direct arms deliveries from particular countries,” he said.

But the Arab League Chief, Nabil al-Arabi, said on Thursday that the Arab group has nothing to do with the decision to arm the Syrian opposition.

In related news, Turkey, which has shown its extensive support to the Syrian opposition and has hosted a large number of defected Syrian soldiers, said on Thursday that it has not agreed to host an office for the newly formed Military Council.

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