Oman, Pakistan Start “Good Fruit” Naval Drill

File Photo: RNO’s Al-Shamikh Corvette ONA16.01.2019 Oman
Oman, Pakistan Start “Good Fruit” Naval Drill

Oman, Pakistan Start “Good Fruit” Naval Drill

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The joint naval drill “Good Fruit”, which is being carried out by the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO), was launched Monday with participation of a group of vessels of the Navy of the friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with support by aircrafts of the Royal Air force of Oman (RAFO).

The vessels and crews participating in the exercise sailed from Said bin Sultan Naval Base to the drill area. The naval drill will continue until January 17th according to Oman News Agency (ONA).

Activities are carried out according to the set plan, including the implementation of a number of naval formations and maneuvers, naval special exercises and operations and the exchange of information and experience among the participating crews.

The implementation of the Good Fruit naval exercise comes within the framework of RNO annual training plans, and its plans to exchange experiences with the navies of friendly countries in all that would sustain the readiness levels of the RNO fleet and its personnel in various navy disciplines, and in line with the national tasks entrusted to it.



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