Oman: Support & Training for 2 C-130J-30s

07.07.2010 Oman
Oman: Support & Training for 2 C-130J-30s

Oman: Support & Training for 2 C-130J-30s

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The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress this past week of a possible Foreign Military Sale to Oman of logistics support and training for two C-130J-30 aircraft, including associated equipment and parts for an estimated cost of $54 million.

The Government of Oman has requested a possible sale of logistics support and training for two (2) C-130J-30 aircraft being procured through a Direct Commercial Sale, 2 AN/AAR-47 Missile Approach Warning Systems, 2 AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser Sets, 2 AN/ALR-56M Radar Warning Receivers, communication equipment, software support, repair and return, installation, aircraft ferry and refueling support, spare and repair parts, support and test equipment, publications and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, U.S. Government and contractor engineering, technical, and logistics support services, and related elements of logistical and program support. The estimated cost is $54 million.

The proposed sale will provide Oman the capability to meet current and future regional threats. These aircraft will improve Oman's airlift capacity to transport equipment and troops in the region, and will support U.S interests. The Royal Air Force of Oman currently operates 3 C-130H aircraft and will have no difficulty absorbing these aircraft into its armed forces.

Participating contractors will be determined at a later date. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.
Implementation of this proposed sale will require annual trips to Oman involving up to 10 U.S. Government and 10 contractor representatives for technical reviews/support, and program management for a period of approximately 6 years.



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