Morocco to Start Producing Armored Military Vehicles

27.04.2023 Products
Morocco to Start Producing Armored Military Vehicles

Morocco to Start Producing Armored Military Vehicles

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(By Marina Blinda; - The in-house production of armored vehicles marks a breakthrough for Morocco’s military industry, as it is a unique vehicle of its kind, designed and manufactured locally.

The MMV 4×4 is a high-performance armored vehicle designed for military combat and troop transport missions, offering high performance and safety in both urban and rural environments.

The MMV 4×4 includes a modular manufacturing platform, which means that different armament, equipment and armor configurations can be designed and installed to meet the needs of military customers. The platform is also equipped with an intelligent vehicle control system, which includes automatic steering technology that allows the vehicle to follow a predetermined route without the assistance of a driver.

Manufacturer FAR Group Africa has announced that it will be producing the first 100% Moroccan armored military vehicle from December 2024. This is an important step towards improving Morocco’s defense capabilities and will provide the country’s armed forces with first-class equipment for their use. In addition, the fact that the vehicle will be manufactured locally on an exclusive basis means that it will also generate jobs and boost economic development.

This is a national breakthrough, and is expected to contribute to strengthening Morocco’s security in the future. This new MMV 4×4 is a multi-purpose vehicle for troop transport, with a production capacity of more than 1,000 vehicles per year. The vehicle will be presented in Tangier during the fifth edition of the Industry Meeting Days next week.

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, has expressed his satisfaction with the progress made by the Moroccan military industry and announced that Morocco will build its own armored military vehicles. The Moroccan King assured that the national industry is ready to contribute to the development of a modern national army, equipped with the best equipment and backed by state-of-the-art technology.

The King urged military leaders to take advantage of the national capacity for the production of armored vehicles, which will be used to address threats to national security and development. He also pointed out that this initiative is proof of Morocco’s determination to maintain a strong and modern army and to ensure economic and social development.

The Moroccan subsidiary of the US consortium FAR Group Africa was created in 2018 by Youssef Mandour. This new firm aims to develop and manufacture armored vehicles for national and private armies worldwide. These vehicles will be designed to meet the specific military needs of each customer. The presentation of the armored vehicle manufactured in Morocco by the firm will thus be one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the Industry Meeting Days.

The meeting also featured exclusive announcements from NamX, a Moroccan company dedicated to the production of armored vehicles and unmanned vehicles. The company offers high-tech solutions for the military, security and survival vehicle markets.

Morocco’s Minister of Defense, Abdellatif Loudiyi, has stressed that the design of the armored military vehicles will be carried out by Moroccan engineers, and that the country will benefit from advanced manufacturing technology.

Meanwhile, Faouzi Annajah is the founder of NamX, a premium hydrogen brand that aims to change the way vehicles are built and powered. Annajah’s goal is to showcase an African preview of the full prototype vehicle, as well as develop a clean energy services platform for the continent. To realize this vision, NamX has partnered with Neo Motors, a Moroccan technology company that specializes in manufacturing electric vehicles. This collaboration will allow NamX to officially launch its brand in Morocco, along with several partnerships for the development of an industrial ecosystem locally.

Annajah’s intention is to accelerate the development of infrastructure for the production and distribution of hydrogen vehicles in the country, as well as to promote the use of renewable and clean energy. This initiative will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment.



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