PIRIOU Delivers LCT Landing Craft to Moroccan Navy

28.07.2016 Morocco
PIRIOU Delivers LCT Landing Craft to Moroccan Navy

PIRIOU Delivers LCT Landing Craft to Moroccan Navy

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PIRIOU has just delivered a 50 m LCT (Landing Craft Tank) to the Moroccan Royal Navy (MRN). The LCT was ordered in 2015 and built in France. The out flagging ceremony took place on July 25th

The barge ‘SIDI IFNI’ which will be operated in the Moroccan coastal waters will leave Concarneau (France) by the end of July to get to its basis in Agadir, in convoy with the OPV 70 ‘BIR ANZARANE’ of the Moroccan Royal Navy.

The contract also included the training to handle and operate the vessel for the 22 members of the first crew. This training was organized during the first two weeks of July in Concarneau.

Vincent FAUJOUR, PIRIOU Group General Manager declared : “This contract with the Moroccan Royal Navy was a first step in Morocco. This successful partnership is presently going on with the overhaul of the OPV Rais Bargach as well as the order for a second vessel- a BHO2M. This is the confirmation of our capacity to export our know-how and civil and military products thanks to our subsidiary Kership”.

Designed by PIRIOU INGENIERIE, ‘SIDI IFNI’ is a 50 m cargo ship LCT type issued from a civil version of which PIRIOU has already built several units. Planned to carry rolling loads and break-bulk cargo and to supply water and fuel oil, this barge is equipped with two handling cranes and a bow ramp allowing loading and unloading both on a beach and on a wharf.

It was especially designed to produce and store fresh water and can also if required implement simultaneous distribution with a connection to the existing local fresh water supply network.

It can embark:

  • A water plant in container on deck with high fresh water production capacity up to 100 m3/day
  • A 105 m3 fresh water storage capacity allocated among:
    • 6 flexi-tanks of 11,700 liters each
    • 2 freight tanks with 35 m3 total capacity

It also benefits from a high autonomy:

  • Her capacity to store food and fresh water allows a 7 days mission with 22 persons on board
  • She can travel over 1500 nautical miles with smooth sea and light wind (maximum sea state 2) with 100% fresh water and fuel oil on board capacity fillings combined with 10 t deck load.

Involved in shipbuilding, repair, naval engineering and services since 1965, PIRIOU specializes in producing medium sized vessels up to 120 m in length with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia.

With more than 420 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides, on a global scale, bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international ship-owners, whether they be private or public, civilian or military. 



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