Cubic Wins Follow on Training Order in the Middle East

02.05.2014 MENA
Cubic Wins Follow on Training Order in the Middle East

Cubic Wins Follow on Training Order in the Middle East

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Cubic Corporation announced it has won an additional $4.2 million follow on order with an existing Middle East customer. Cubic currently provides comprehensive marksmanship and small arms training capabilities using the immersive training Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) to this customer.

The follow on order will add additional capabilities such as sniper, mortar, and close air support.

The original contract was announced in August 2011, totaling almost $70 million, and was the largest single contract ever awarded to Cubic’s Simulation System Division, based in Orlando, Florida.

“This contract continues a solid multiyear foundation for our virtual training business and demonstrates both Cubic’s excellence in product quality and delivery and Cubic’s long-term commitment to the Middle East region,” said Dave Schmitz, President of Cubic Defense Systems.

The new systems and infrastructure are expected to be delivered and in use by the end of the 2014 calendar year, increasing Cubic’s support to our international partner in improving their operational effectiveness.

Meanwhile, Cubic Corporation announced on 26 April 2014 that it was awarded a contract valued at more than $11 million to provide air combat training support to a long-time Middle East customer at multiple sites. The prime contract covers operation, maintenance, logistics support, and management of air combat maneuvering systems (ACMI), as well as the training necessary to satisfy the customer’s military operational requirements.

Cubic developed the instrumentation training system used by the customer that has been operational since 2003, and provides the ACMI training pods, debriefing systems, ground communication systems, and test equipment. Up to 60 aircraft can train at once on the “rangeless” system, which includes GPS-based training pods that send and receive training data without the need for fixed infrastructure of communications towers. Another highlight of the system is Cubic’s ICADS(R), or Individual Combat Aircrew Display System, a live monitor and after-flight debriefing tool that provides pilots real-time monitoring and after-action reviews anywhere and anytime using PCs or laptop computers.

The contract period of performance is for 21 months.

Earlier, Cubic Defense Systems, has been awarded, on 11 April 2014, a contract valued at more than $5 million from the U.S. Air Force to supply its P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) to the Moroccan Air Force. Morocco will join the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, along with a number of international Air Forces, in using the P5CTS to support high-fidelity, TOPGUN-style live and post-mission training.  The P5CTS will be used by Moroccan pilots who fly the recently-delivered F-16 aircraft.



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