46 Sherpa Station Wagons Delivered to a Middle East Country

22.02.2013 MENA
46 Sherpa Station Wagons Delivered to a Middle East Country

46 Sherpa Station Wagons Delivered to a Middle East Country

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At the beginning of the year, Renault Trucks Defense delivered 46 Sherpa SW armored vehicles to a Middle East Country.

These 9.6 tonne vehicles are intended to conduct surveillance and patrol operations in danger zones.
The armored vehicle, which is protected against 7.62 mm ammunition and antipersonnel mines, has an enhanced self-defense capability: its five-man crew has eight gun ports and a gas extraction system, a centralized tire inflation system and run-flat tires. These features protect the vehicle in the event of a surprise attack. A spare wheel on the roof allows a damaged tire to be changed as soon as the vehicle has left a danger zone. A winch allows the crew to perform this task quickly.

The Sherpa SW also possesses an incendiary projectile extinguishing system, which protects the wheels and the engine. In addition, a siren and loudspeaker allow the crew to address a crowd without exposing themselves outside the vehicle.

Another advantage of this vehicle is its mobility: the size of its tires, its 175 HP engine and its automatic gearbox allow the Sherpa SW to overcome many obstacles and travel at over 120 km/h. Emphasis has also been given to autonomy, because the Sherpa SW is capable of covering over 800 km using only its on-board fuel tank.

It should be noted that 90% of the components of this vehicle are similar to those of the 20 Sherpa Scouts already supplied to the Egyptian Forces, and this will make it easier for crews to adjust to this vehicle while facilitating maintenance.


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