Sayari: “Iran Monitoring All Movements in the Region”

MNA08.02.2013 MENA
Sayari: “Iran Monitoring All Movements in the Region”

Sayari: “Iran Monitoring All Movements in the Region”

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The Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army Naval Forces said Iran’s dominance on intelligence in the region is not comparable to that of the past.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari said that Iran monitored all movements of other countries and for providing security in the sea, especially Strait of Hormuz and Sea of Oman, there was no need to foreign forces.

In the formal military ceremony of the Army Naval Forces, Sayari said that “what has incited the enemies’ resistance against achievements of the Revolution is that they cannot accept Revolution’s successes and growth, and would never accept the fact that we are independent and self-reliant.”

He provided a comparison of situations before and after the glorious Islamic Revolution.

“Before the Revolution, Iran was a colony of foreign powers, and was in obscurity; its resources were being plundered, but after the Revolution, everything changed. Islam governed all country’s laws, and people handled the affairs themselves,” Sayari said.

“Now, Iran has been developed in different sectors, and we enjoy independence in scientific, technological, military facilities, etc., and Iran is preponderant power in the world,” he added.

Sayyari also asserted that the enemies imposed the 8-year-old war when they did not succeeded in destroying this revolution through spreading terror and assassination of Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials, which amounted to 17,000 people, and also spreading insecurity in borders.

The Army Navy Commander also appreciated navy battle groups deployment in free waters as felicitous event in recent years.


Source: MNA



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