Iranian Stealth UAV

26.10.2012 MENA
Iranian Stealth UAV

Iranian Stealth UAV

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Iranian experts have designed the Liko, a stealth UAV that can carry a payload of up to 100kg and fly for three hours, using the double-engines installed in it.

The 53 kg drone can hold 30 liters of fuel and fly for three hours straight at an altitude of 16,000 feet.

According to ISNA (Iranian Students’ News Agency), the stealth Liko drone is equipped with cameras which can deliver the photos permanently and also has a smart photo processor unit.

This double-engine drone works with ordinary gasoline.

Manouchehr Manteghi, President of the Iranian Aircraft Industries organization, said that Iran has secured achievements in production of UAVs with a range of approximately 2,000 km and that these achievements will be revealed in the near future.

Manteghi divided UAVs into three categories:

  • Class one which includes drones that can fly a 200km distance
  • Class two with a flight range of 1,000-1,500km and up to 30,000 feet in altitude and 15 hours of nonstop flight,
  • Class three drones with a flight range of 2,000km at 50,000 feet in altitude and 24 hours of nonstop flight.

First time Iran announced the production of homemade UAVs with bombing and reconnaissance capabilities was in February 2011.

So far, Iran has produced Karrar and Shahed 129 which are capable to carry missiles.


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