Israel Navy Concludes Large Scale Drill

06.08.2012 MENA
Israel Navy Concludes Large Scale Drill

Israel Navy Concludes Large Scale Drill

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On 01 August, The Israel Navy concluded a month-long surface fleet drill that included live missile launches, simulated combat with enemy forces and interoperability with the Israel Air Force.

Dozens of combat ships took part in the eastern Mediterranean drill, including the service’s 3 Sa’ar 5 corvettes and older Sa’ar 4.5 and Sa’ar 4 missile boats, an Israeli military spokesperson said.

Israeli Navy Commander, Vice Admiral Ram Rotberg said the drill involved “various complex scenarios” that “enhanced (our) ability to contend with enemy threats.”

“The missile boats flotilla practiced complex scenarios during this exercise and enhanced its capabilities in the face of threats. Flotilla combat soldiers displayed impressive capabilities and proved its readiness to any mission.”

Rothberg added that “the Israeli Navy will continue strengthening cooperation with the different units and will continue operating to defend Israel's waters and the safety of Israeli civilians.”


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