EADS Defence & Security: Internships for Arab Students

18.01.2010 MENA

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EADS Defence & Security (DS) and the Young Arab Leaders (YAL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide work placements for Arab university students.

20 young Arab students in their third and fourth year of university will be given the opportunity to intern with different departments of DS in Europe and the Middle East. The 20 candidates will be nominated by YAL according to a defined criteria; the final selection will be made by DS. The Internships, typically lasting three to six months, are intensive training programs, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and assigned tasks for which the Interns will be held accountable.
These coveted placements will give Arab Youth a global exposure and an entry point into the dynamic aeronautical, defence and security industry. Youth will come in contact with international management expertise, giving them ample opportunities to exchange knowledge and to build relationships. The placements will also highlight other job opportunities in the industry within the region as well as internationally.
Since its inception in 2004, YAL has worked with the business community to design Programs to help young Arab achievers become true leaders and triggers of positive change. Thanks to these Programs, Beneficiaries of both genders have been exposed to international expertise and experiences to help them acquire global leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. These qualities may prove indispensable in the economic development of the region.
YAL Programs are based on regional needs identified through researching the current challenges facing the Arab Youth. They are championed by YAL Members, all leaders in their own right, and evaluated on a continuous basis to assess impact and efficiency.



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