Cooperation Project Between Army and Internal Security Forces Launched in Lebanon

13.03.2024 Security
Cooperation Project Between Army and Internal Security Forces Launched in Lebanon

Cooperation Project Between Army and Internal Security Forces Launched in Lebanon

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An inauguration ceremony of the cooperation project between the Lebanese military and the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces was held at the Army Command headquarters in Yarzeh. The project is implemented through the FENIX system with the support of the British authorities.

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Commander General Joseph Aoun, the British Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Hamish Cowell, the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Othman, and a number of officers, attended the ceremony.

General Aoun delivered a speech in which he affirmed that, in light of the successive crises facing the nation and the challenges encountered by the military and security forces, the initiative of the British authorities to support the Army and the Internal Security Forces reaffirms Britain’s commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability, the Lebanese Army said in a statement.

“Despite all the challenges we face, the military institution has not ceased to develop its performance, and its members have not stopped fulfilling their duties towards their nation, armed with determination, resilience, and belief in the sanctity of their missions, knowing they are trusted by their people and the international community,” General Aoun added.

He concluded by expressing his gratitude to the British authorities and his hope that the project would contribute to enhancing cooperation and coordination between the military institution and the internal security forces, for the benefit of the nation, which would have a positive impact on the security situation in Lebanon. He hoped that the work of all institutions would be aligned and that the country would regain its well-being.

The British Ambassador, Mr. Cowell, also delivered a speech in which he considered that the British support for the Army and the Internal Security Forces contributes to fortifying Lebanon’s security in the face of threats, particularly in the current exceptional phase. He pointed out that Britain will continue to cooperate with friend countries and entities for stability in the region.

Mr. Cowell believes the project is of great importance as it enables the exchange of vital information and establishes a foundation for significant technological development within the Lebanese security institutions in the future. This comes at a time when various internal and external threats to national security, such as terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and pandemics, are becoming prominent.

Major General Othman also delivered a speech in which he emphasized that security in Lebanon is the impregnable fortress in a time when crises are escalating. He highlighted that cooperation and coordination between security institutions, especially the Army and the Internal Security Forces, are the safest path to overcome challenges.

He further indicated that the project complements the strategic plan of the Internal Security Forces, “Together Towards a Safer Society,” in the context of enhancing performance through training, expertise, and development to achieve stability and security throughout Lebanese territory, and provides a new dimension to cooperation between security institutions in Lebanon. He also expressed his appreciation to the initiatives undertaken by Britain in this regard. (Source & Photo © Lebanese Army)



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