Lebanese Army Receives 1,000 Rifles from U.S. Military Aid

NNA20.05.2014 Lebanon
Lebanese Army Receives 1,000 Rifles from U.S. Military Aid

Lebanese Army Receives 1,000 Rifles from U.S. Military Aid

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The Lebanese Army received 1,000 rifles from the U.S. as part of Washington’s aid for the military, the Defense Ministry announced Saturday.

The Logistics Brigades of the Lebanese Army received the guns at Rafik Hariri International Airport (photo). The Ministry said the shipment was in line with bilateral agreements signed between the two countries.

The rifles were delivered to the Lebanese Army by US officials during a ceremony at the Rafik Hariri International Airport.

The development came as Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman said in December 2013 that Saudi Arabia gave the Lebanese Army a 3-billion-dollar in aid, calling it the largest military aid ever given to the country.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Higher Defense Council held a meeting on Sunday during which the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman stressed on supporting the Lebanese Army and its institutions.

In a statement issued by the Presidential Information Office, President Suleiman gave his directives to the Higher Defense Council’s members to preserve military and security institutions, unify security efforts and enhance readiness, continue arming the military forces and seek the adoption of the defense strategy, in addition to drawing up a plan to amend laws concerning the promotion of Officers and age of retirement.

Chief of the Higher Defense Council General Mohammed Kheir said in a statement after the meeting that the Council discussed the local security situation in general, and was briefed by the Security and Army Commanders on the security measures implemented in different regions of the country, and on the progress of the security plan implemented in Tripoli in north Lebanon and northern Bekaa east of the country.

The Council also discussed the military forces needs in preparation for the donors conference, slated for next month in Rome to discuss support for arming the Lebanese Forces and touched on means to enable them fulfill their tasks and maintain their readiness for any urgencies.

The Council’s meeting was also attended by the Ministers of National Defense, Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Finance, and Economy and Commerce.
The Lebanese Chief of Staff and Chiefs of security apparatus were also invited to the meeting.

Source: National News Agency – NNA



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