Kuwait Air Force to Use Thales Flight Simulators

20.06.2017 Kuwait
Kuwait Air Force to Use Thales Flight Simulators

Kuwait Air Force to Use Thales Flight Simulators

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Thales has been selected by Airbus Helicopters to provide the Kuwait forces with flight and mission training solutions for the pilots and crews of its Caracal helicopters.

Thales will participate in flight and tactical mission training for the pilots and crews of the Caracal helicopters operated by the Kuwait Air Force and National Guard.

Thales will supply three simulators: one Reality H FFMS simulator and two flight procedures and tactical training stations.

Thanks to the interoperability of the two simulator types, the Kuwait forces will be able to network the three systems to perform collective training exercises and prepare their crews for complex missions such as combat search and rescue.

The Kuwait forces has signed a contract for the purchase of 30 multirole Caracal H225M helicopters (24 for the Kuwait Air Force and 6 for the Kuwait National Guard) in order to carry out combat search and rescue duties, transport and ground support missions. To meet the pilots and crews’ hands-on training needs, Thales will supply a Reality H Full Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) as well as two trainer stations for flight procedures and tactical training.

Thanks to the Reality H Full Flight Mission Simulator, pilots will receive training - in a realistic tactical visual environment - in normal navigation procedures, instrument flight, how to handle failures and emergency procedures, which cannot be easily accomplished on real helicopters.  The communication systems, weapons and self-protection systems, as well as the in-flight refueling function, are identical to those of the real helicopter, to ensure pilots are trained as in real-life conditions.

Installed on the ground, the training stations will provide initial training in flight procedures for new pilots, and tactical training for captains and crews. Thanks to the interoperability capacity, the two training stations and the Full Flight Mission Simulator can be networked for collective training exercises and to prepare the crews for complex missions.

This contract also covers the maintenance of the simulators in operational conditions for at least three years.

Thales’ high-fidelity Reality H™ helicopter Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is the most realistic and immersive training systems for maximum training values and mission-readiness for helicopter crews. Thanks to its innovative modeling technologies, Reality H™ benefits from the highest standards of certification, and allows to reach operational efficiency whatever the type of mission (Search and Rescue, Oil & Gas, fire operations, civil security or EMS, etc.).

Thales Reality H features:

  • The unique HexalineTM all-electric motion system, which provides the most realistic motion cues to trainees while requiring less power and maintenance
  • Large field of view visual display (240°x80°), the globally-recognized ThalesView® Image Generation System
  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF) for the intelligent management of virtual animations
  • Efficient  and user-friendly Instructor Operating  System (IOS),  including flexible scenario creation tool
  • Sound generation system
  • Remote IOS control (tablet)

The Reality H FFS has also been approved for training with Night Vision Goggles.

The Thales FFS delivers the best realism and training values, allowing to simulate complex civil mission’s scenarios. The Reality HTM provides a completely immersive training environment that mimics real operational conditions to support helicopter operators’ key priorities of safety and mission success.




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