DCI to Continue Maintenance of Kuwait’s Helicopters

20.06.2012 Kuwait
DCI to Continue Maintenance of Kuwait’s Helicopters

DCI to Continue Maintenance of Kuwait’s Helicopters

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DCI, a service provider with activities on the entire spectrum of defense and domestic security, recently announced the extension since January 2012 of a 3-year contract concerning Kuwait Air Force (KAF) Helicopters.

The State of Kuwait maintains its confidence in DCI, operator of the Army’s light aviation school (EA-ALAT), to maintain its 28 Helicopters.

For over 20 years, DCI-COFRAS, the Army and Gendarmerie department of DCI, has ensured the operational maintenance of KAF French-manufactured helicopters.

“The trust relationship between the State of Kuwait and DCI-COFRAS teams has allowed this contract to be established. The Kuwait Air Force regularly underlines DCI-COFRAS teams’ technical skills deployed, commitment to the notion of service, and constant availability in these operations demanding extreme professional rigor,” declared General de Zuchowicz, Executive Vice President of DCI-COFRAS.

DCI was created in 1972 to assist military equipment sales to foreign countries. Its main mission consisted of providing operational training courses based on the know-how of the French Armed Forces. DCI is an upper medium size service provider in which the French government is the concurring shareholder.

DCI now operates throughout the defense and security spectrum. Culturally close to the Ministry of Defense, DCI offers outsourcing services to foreign countries, for:
  • Consulting and assistance throughout the life cycle of armament programs,
  • Training engineering in the academic, operational and technical fields.

Lastly, DCI and its subsidiaries have been partners of the French Armed Forces for 10 years within the scope of service contracts and are endeavoring to extend their activities to European Union countries.


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