Kuwait Navy Ships Arrive to Bahrain

22.03.2011 Kuwait
Kuwait Navy Ships Arrive to Bahrain

Kuwait Navy Ships Arrive to Bahrain

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Kuwait navy ships have docked off Bahrain’s coasts as part of the Peninsula Shield troops deployment in the kingdom.

The Kuwaiti Navy’s participation testifies to the strong ties at all levels, especially defense.

The Bahrain Defense Force’s (BDF) General Command said the deployment is concrete
proof of the GCC states’ solidarity and keenness to restore security and stability across the kingdom.

The BDF General Command called on citizens and residents to welcome the GCC troops warmly and co-operate with them fully.

On another front, Bahrain Police is set to intensify 24-hour security in all areas of the Kingdom as part of efforts to protect citizens and prevent criminal activity.

The plan comes as the Interior Ministry yesterday classified the country's security status as stable, saying life was returning to normal.

Officials confirmed all barriers, barricades and barbed wire in the Northern Governorate had been removed. 'All unofficial checkpoints established by neighborhood volunteers across Bahrain are being taken over by security forces.'



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