Second Phase of Gulf Shield 1 Joint Drill Launched

Arab News Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)03.04.2018 KSA
Second Phase of Gulf Shield 1 Joint Drill Launched

Second Phase of Gulf Shield 1 Joint Drill Launched

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The second phase of the Joint Gulf Shield-1 was launched on Sunday. It is a massive military exercise to boost security, stability and cooperation in the region with the execution of field maneuvers, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The first phase of the exercise ended last Thursday after leaders of the participating forces completed the command center exercises in which they used flight simulators to mimic the reality of military effectiveness, with the participation of forces’ leaders from all military sectors.

The leaders dealt with all the military operations’ procedures, and methods of command and control and communication were tested at all strategic, operational and tactical levels. The exercise of the command center achieved its goals very professionally, with extra efforts deployed by military commanders and non-commissioned officers of countries participating in the drill.

The spokesman for Joint Gulf Shield-1, Brigadier General Al-Subaie, said: “The field maneuvers will last for five consecutive days. The second phase of the drill consists of live-fire training in which land, sea and air defense and special forces will participate.”

Al-Subaie said the exercise aims to enable the participating forces to face the challenges and threats within a joint operation environment and highly trained and professional military forces are taking part in it. Many modern and sophisticated weapons are being used in the military exercise.

Twenty-three countries are taking part in the Gulf Shield-1 military drills. Last week, they witnessed one of the largest military action plans in the world concentrated on field training, which was launched at the arrival of the participating forces in Saudi Arabia, through land, air and sea gateways. Giant military planes from brotherly countries were also used to transport officers, soldiers, equipment and material used in the military drill.

The military exercise is considered one of the largest in the region, both in terms of the number of participating countries and in terms of the quality of its weapons. It aims to raise military readiness in the region, modernize joint mechanisms and enhance coordination and cooperation with joint military and security integration.

Ground, naval and air forces, air defense and special forces from Saudi Arabia and brotherly countries are participating in the military exercise, in addition to Saudi security and military forces overseen by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of National Guard.

Joint Gulf Shield-1 is a turning point in terms of quality at the technical level since participants are using the most recent global military systems. Moreover, it witnessed a large-scale participation, and four of the participating countries are home to the top 10 strongest armies in the world. 



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