Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Conclude Al-Samsam 6 Military Drill

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)07.11.2017 KSA
Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Conclude Al-Samsam 6 Military Drill

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Conclude Al-Samsam 6 Military Drill

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Activities of the joint military exercise Al-Samsam 6 between the Saudi Royal Land Forces and the Pakistani Army have been concluded on 28 October, during which live ammunition, landing from airplanes, dealing with improvised explosive devices, ambushes, raids and combat patrols, were practiced, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Al-Samsam 6 reflected combat ability and professionalism in activating and strengthening the concept of command and control, hitting targets with high precision and joint harmony between the two parties.
The closing drill in the exercise was successfully carried out, achieving desired objectives as set forth, in the presence of the Commanding officer of the 30th Corps of the Pakistani Army Lt. General Akram Al Haq, the Deputy Commander of Saudi Royal Land Forces Major General Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Shihri and other senior commanding officers of the armed forces, in both countries.

Addressing the exercise, Major General Al-Shihri thanked the Pakistani government and army, as well, for hospitality and good reception accorded to the Saudi Royal Land Forces personnel, who participated in this exercise, commending all officers exerted and individuals participated in the exercise for carrying out all stages, with great success, a fact that crucially helped to increase combat effectiveness of the Saudi ground forces, he concluded.

Main features of the exercise were characterized by seriousness and integration, in command and control, standardization of common military concepts and terminology and implementation of professional training stages between the units, which gave full confidence to participating forces to carry out tasks assigned to them, according to the commanding officer of the exercise Brig. Gen. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Buqmmi.

It is worth noting that the exercise Al-Samsam 6 has lasted for three weeks and fell within the joint exercises that the Saudi Royal Land Forces are participating with sisterly and friendly countries, in order to raise combat efficiency in a manner that keeps pace with the timely state of the art and confirms determination to stand firmly and resolutely against the threats and challenges facing the motherland and the region, as well. 



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