Saudi King Holds Talks with Lebanese President

Saudi Gazette Saudi Press Agency (SPA)04.06.2012 KSA
Saudi King Holds Talks with Lebanese President

Saudi King Holds Talks with Lebanese President

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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia held talks with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman in Jeddah Friday.

The two leaders discussed prospects of cooperation between the two countries and means to consolidate them in all fields. They also discussed the current events and developments in the region.

Suleiman’s visit comes after he received on May 22 a letter from King Abdullah saying that the Kingdom was monitoring the situation in Lebanon with “deep concern” following the latest clashes in Tripoli, “especially since they targeted a main sect in the country.”

“We look forward to you ending the crisis, which may spiral into sectarian strife,” the King urged Suleiman in the letter.

The King added that Saudi Arabia and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council have “exerted all efforts for the sake of Lebanon on the economic level,” stressing that the Kingdom is keen on the country’s stability, sovereignty, and national unity.

“It has not spared any efforts in supporting Lebanon, starting with the Taif Accord and ending with the Doha Agreement” in 2008, the letter said.

“You know that these efforts, no matter how great they are, will remain insufficient if all the Lebanese factions fail in placing the people’s interests above all else, but instead favor foreign ones that do not seek Lebanon’s well-being,” the King stressed.

Suleiman announced Wednesday that he will visit Kuwait over the weekend “to encourage tourism in Lebanon” after the Gulf country issued a travel warning to Lebanon.

Kuwait was among four Gulf countries that advised its citizens to avoid travel to Lebanon and urged its nationals currently present in the country to leave due to the unstable security situation.

The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain issued similar travel warnings after deadly clashes erupted between pro- and anti-Syrian groups in Beirut and the northern city of Tripoli.

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has already held talks with the Ambassadors of the Gulf states, asking them to review these decisions.



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