Jordanian Army Chief Attends ‘Striking Force 3’ Exercise

20.11.2022 Jordan
Jordanian Army Chief Attends ‘Striking Force 3’ Exercise

Jordanian Army Chief Attends ‘Striking Force 3’ Exercise

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Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Ahmed Huneiti, on Thursday attended a tactical military exercise, dubbed “Striking Force 3,” which was carried out by King Faisal II/16 Brigade.

The drill is part of the annual training programs implemented by the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) - the Arab Army, in a bid to reach the “highest” levels of efficiency, readiness and combat preparedness among the brigade’s personnel, according to an Army statement, Petra news agency reported.

Huneiti was briefed by the exercise leaders on its operations and scenarios, which simulate fighting in built-up areas and combating terrorism, aimed to train troops on planning, coordination and implementation within the operational, logistical and training fields to reach the desired goals.

The exercise’s combat operations in built-up areas involved various light and medium weapons and sniper intervention, with the support of F16 fighter jets, Little Bird and Cobra helicopters and artillery, the statement said.

Participants showed “high” skill in carrying out their tasks in the exercise’s various stages and accuracy in hitting targets.

At end of the exercise, Huneiti met with participating troops and conveyed greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II, JAF Supreme Commander, expressing pride in their “distinguished” level and “high” professionalism in carrying out their tasks.





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