Jordan, Egypt Conclude ‘Aqaba 6’ Military Drills

08.12.2021 Jordan
Jordan, Egypt Conclude ‘Aqaba 6’ Military Drills

Jordan, Egypt Conclude ‘Aqaba 6’ Military Drills

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The Egyptian-Jordanian military training exercises “Aqaba 6” concluded Monday, with the participation of the ground and naval special forces and paratroopers of both countries. The training was carried out in Jordan.

The final stage of the training included the implementation of a joint operation to eliminate an armed terrorist outpost inside a border village, where the stage began with the implementation of airdrops for the Egyptian and Jordanian paratroopers with the aim of opening reconnaissance points to check information about the enemy, cut supplies and cordon off the village, Egypt Daily News reported.

This was followed by the movement of military engineers to secure the axes of progress and discover the explosives. The multi-tasking aircraft and direct and indirect artillery provided fire support to the forces, and the storming groups of special forces and mechanized and armored units were pushed to impose control over the village.

The Egyptian Thunderbolt Forces and the Jordanian Special Forces also carried out joint operations to resist the armed terrorist elements stationed in the mountainous areas, by carrying out the vertical storming and liberating the hostages, in addition to discovering one of the facilities used to prepare the explosive devices, and the elements of the military engineers and chemical warfare to secure and purify the building.

The combat groups also intercepted one of the suspected merchant ships, and carried out procedures for the right of visit and inspection of the ship with the support of helicopters. And the speedboats, followed by clearing and securing a building inside the port from terrorist elements and controlling it.

In another development, the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) and the Royal Bahraini Naval Forces launched Tuesday the mixed bilateral maritime exercise “JISR-22” at King Abdulaziz Naval Base in the Eastern Fleet in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The Commander of the Eastern Fleet Rear Admiral Majid bin Hazaa Al-Qahtani said that the drill aims to enhance capabilities that contribute to the security and stability of the region, develop and expand operational compatibility, and tactical efficiency, as well as exchange expertise, to develop both sides capabilities in maritime operations, with the participation of the Royal Saudi Air Force in the air support operations of ship combating.

Al-Qahtani added that this exercise comes as an extension of a series of “JISR” exercises carried out periodically between the two countries aiming to enhance security cooperation, secure regional waters, unify concepts and joint work.


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