Jordan to Host the 5th Annual Warrior Competition

08.03.2013 Jordan
Jordan to Host the 5th Annual Warrior Competition

Jordan to Host the 5th Annual Warrior Competition

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and The Jordanian Armed Forces announce the 5th Annual Warrior Competition.
This year, 30 international teams from 17 countries will compete for the title “Champion”.  The five day competition is held annually at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) and compliments the Special Operations Exhibition (SOFEX) biennially.

Many changes have been instituted this year making our 5th Annual Warrior Competition unique as a stand-alone event.  The team events have increased to eleven vice six, as in the past, and all events have been modified from previous year’s activities.  

Furthermore, there will be one individual event, Sniper’s Reach and the addition of three “surprise events” bringing the total number of competitive venues to fifteen. Adding a new dimension, as well, for the first time, to the 2013 Warrior Competition is the introduction of two night events: Spec Ops Rally and Hostage Rescue.

The Warrior Competition will showcase the skills of counter-terrorism and special operations forces in events such as the Man Down, Aircraft Assault and Gate to Gate to name a few.  This demonstration of marksmanship, endurance and teamwork will highlight the capabilities of nations to continue to confront the presence of terrorism within the global community.

The significance of this annual competition is found in the purpose for which KASOTC was built.  Nowhere else in the world is there a larger, more sophisticated, live-fire, counter-terrorism and special operations training facility where forces for good converge to share tactics, techniques and procedures.


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