The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

13.01.2012 Iraq
The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

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New-Fields announced the 6th annual Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit (IADS) scheduled for 16-17 February, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit is the world's largest event focused on Iraq's aviation, security, and defense challenges and opportunities.

On its sixth year, IADS will focus on rebuilding Iraq's aviation and defense industries, seen as hugely important and symbolic of development throughout the country as a whole.

The 6th IADS aims to improve the Iraqi Forces capabilities and combat readiness by introducing the latest technologies and innovations in defense, security, counter terrorism and boarder control.

The conference will bring together key-decision makers from the government of Iraq responsible for the nation's security and defense, along with the US counterparts and top military contractors, as well as experts from international agencies and organizations to discuss and examine issues related to the current status of Iraqi defense, aviation and security.

One of the highlights of the event is the One-to-One Meeting where delegates could meet with Iraqi officials, who can provide them the analysis of current challenges facing Iraq.

Key topics at the 6th Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit include:

  • The reconciliation among Armed Groups and Militia under the Government Support and Endorsement.
  • Justice and Security Dialogue in Iraq.
  • Iraq Defense Challenges after the recent full U.S. Withdrawal.
  • What Have We Learned from the Iraq Reconstruction Experience?
  • Iraq Security and Regional Stability.


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