Iran Launches New Laser-Guided Smart Bombs

IRNA01.02.2012 Iran
Iran Launches New Laser-Guided Smart Bombs

Iran Launches New Laser-Guided Smart Bombs

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Iranian state TV has announced the production of laser-guided munitions and other advanced military equipment.

Among the latest developments announced Monday on Iranian state TV was the “Basir” precision-guided artillery shell.

Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said the “Basir”, which translates as “insightful”, is an “intelligent” ammunition capable of identifying its own targets and effective at a range of up to 20 kilometers.

Vahidi also said “only five countries in the world” have the ability to produce such high-tech munitions, the semi-official Fars News agency reports.

Vahidi also announced the production of new a reconnaissance aircraft and cruise missile, as well as other domestically manufactured weapons and electronic equipment which would soon be implemented by Iranian Forces.

Sources within the Iranian Military say a series of major developments in weapons technology will be announced to coincide with the 34th anniversary of the 1979 revolution (1-11 February), Interfax reports.

Iran has long had to rely on domestically produced weapons since the United States smacked a weapons embargo on the country after the Islamic revolution.

As a result of the embargo, Iran’s military capability is drastically limited in comparison with US and NATO Forces.

Thus, the country’s focus on smart munitions, light attack craft, mines, and ballistic missiles are part and parcel of the asymmetrical conflict war policy the country would rely on in the event of conflict with a global military power.


Source: IRNA; Fars



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