President of Saudi Arabia’s Military Industries Visits Egypt

03.12.2018 Egypt
President of Saudi Arabia’s Military Industries Visits Egypt

President of Saudi Arabia’s Military Industries Visits Egypt

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President of the General Military Industries Corporation Eng. Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Madhy, met in Cairo with Egypt’s Minister of State for Military Production Dr. Mohammad Al-Assar, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

During the meeting, they discussed joint cooperation between the corporation and the Ministry of Military Production and reviewed manufacturing capabilities entertained by the sectors and agencies of the Ministry

Military Industries Corporation (MIC) is a state-owned enterprise in Saudi Arabia. Based in Riyadh, it runs armament factories in the Kingdom, and develops Saudi Arabia’s military base through research and development and technology transfer.


MIC seeks to accommodate the needs and requirements of Saudi Arabia’s military sectors, acquiring technologies and building up military industries that are capable of keeping up with advancements in the Armed Forces. Its strategy includes:


  • Recruiting, developing and retaining a national work force. By agreement with the Ministry of Education it has awarded scholarships to 5,000 engineering students, who enter employment with the Corporation upon graduation.


  • Managing and developing MIC factories and plants.


  • Achieving integration among MIC, the military sectors and government agencies.


  • Cooperating with private sector entities, internally and externally, especially in the field of joint manufacturing.


  • Conducting research in collaboration with national and international universities and research centers; enabling technology transfer among these institutes, and establishing its own research centers.



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