Egyptian Army to Have a Say in any War Declaration

Al Arabiya03.12.2012 Egypt
Egyptian Army to Have a Say in any War Declaration

Egyptian Army to Have a Say in any War Declaration

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Egypt's President will need to seek the opinion of the National Defense Council in addition to getting the approval of parliament to declare war, according to an article approved on Thursday by an assembly drafting the new constitution.

The old constitution in the era of Hosni Mubarak, a former Air Force Commander, had only required the approval of Parliament.

The new article, will give the Defense Council, which includes top Officers and civilians, a formal say in such a decision.

Mursi is Egypt's first President who does not hail from top military ranks.

A constitution must be in place before a new parliament can be elected.

Meanwhile, in the Time interview, Mursi disputed his opponents’ recent assertions that he had become a new pharaoh.

“The reason why I went to prison is that I was defending the judiciary and Egyptian judges. I know perfectly what it means to have separation between the three powers, executive power, legislative power and the judiciary,” he said.

“The President represents the executive power, and the president is elected by the people. And I’m keen that the people would have complete freedom of elections, and I’m keen on exchange of power through free elections,” he said.


Source: Al Arabiya & Agencies



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