Bahrain’s Commander-in-Chief Inaugurates New Warships

BNA Photo: BNA11.02.2021 Bahrain
Bahrain’s Commander-in-Chief Inaugurates New Warships

Bahrain’s Commander-in-Chief Inaugurates New Warships

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Under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Supreme Commander, a ceremony was held Tuesday to inaugurate Bahrain’s warships, namely the “RBNS Al-Zubara”, “Al-Areen”, “Mashhoor”, “Al-Daibal”, “Askar”, “Jaw”, “Al-Hidd” and “Taghleeb”, marking the Kingdom’s celebrations of the BDF’s 53rd anniversary.

HM the King, the Supreme Commander, deputized the Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF), Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, to attend the inauguration ceremony of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF)’s ships, in the presence of senior state officials and ministers.

Upon arrival, the Commander-in-Chief was welcomed by the Defense Affairs Minister, Lieutenant General Abdulla bin Hassan Al-Nuaimi, Chief-of-Staff, Lieutenant General Dhiyab bin Saqr Al-Nuaimi, Defense Affairs Ministry’s Undersecretary, Major General Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, and a number of senior BDF officers.

The national anthem was played, and then the Commander-in-Chief inspected the Guard of Honor, whose members lined up to salute him, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

Then, some holy Quran verses were recited, and RBNF Commander delivered a statement on the occasion.

The Commander-in-Chief was presented with a commemorative gift from RBNF Commander.

After that, the BDF Commander-in-Chief inaugurated the “RBNS Al-Zubara” patrol warship and raised the national flag on it. The national flag was also raised on the other vessels.

Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa then toured the RBNS Al-Zubara’s sections, and was informed about its sections, as well as capability and sustainability, as it uses advanced combat weapons and copes with the latest developments in the field of modern warships. He also toured the other war vessels.

The Commander-in-Chief affirmed that the remarkable progress witnessed by the Royal Bahrain Naval Force is the fruitful outcome of the constant follow-up and sound directives of HM the King, the Supreme Commander, as well as the unwavering interest of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Prime Minister.

He added that thanks to HM the King’s sound directives, the Royal Bahrain Naval Force has made steadfast strides, becoming a modern naval force that uses the latest military systems and cutting-edge weapons, which enables it to defend the homeland and provide the necessary protection for its islands, territories, in addition to its territorial and economic waters, thanks to its huge potentials and highly-qualified personnel.

The Commander-in-Chief asserted that under the leadership of HM the King, the Supreme Commander, the BDF has become an outstanding example of glory and dedication in the service of the nation thanks to its distinguished combat and administrative preparedness, quality training and advanced armament.

He highlighted the BDF’s efforts to implement advanced military projects, build state-of-the-art military hospitals and deliver the necessary assistance to the kingdom during crises and pandemics, citing the contributions of the BDF’s personnel to the national efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

He affirmed that the BDF boasts a rich record of landmark achievements and is on the right track towards ensuring a better future, noting that it has managed to achieve outstanding progress at all levels in a record time, becoming a pioneering national military force that is capable of defending the nation and safeguarding its security and stability.

The Commander-in-Chief praised the key role played by the BDF’s servicemen in defending the homeland, in addition to safeguarding security and stability in the region while taking part in peace-keeping missions abroad. He also paid homage to the kingdom’s fallen servicemen, praising their patriotic contributions to defending the homeland. 



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