Leonardo Exhibits its Defense & Security Solutions at BIDEC

28.10.2019 Bahrain
Leonardo Exhibits its Defense & Security Solutions at BIDEC

Leonardo Exhibits its Defense & Security Solutions at BIDEC

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Leonardo is attending the second edition of Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC), the tri-service event is to be held in Manama on 28-30 October.

Leonardo key projects in Bahrain have seen the company supply two primary and secondary surveillance radars to the country’s Civil Aviation organization and Air Force, enhancing the safety and efficiency of the Country’s national airspace management. Leonardo is also responsible for the upgrade of six Royal Bahrain Naval Force ships with its state of the art systems; three of which have already been delivered to the customer. 

To celebrate the inaugural edition of BIDEC, in 2017, Leonardo presented there its M60 tank overhaul and upgrade program, which assures significant improvements in crew survivability, mobility and lethality of the tank, also integrating a new 120/45mm main gun with an advanced Fire Control System, modern protection systems and an enhanced power system.

 At BIDEC 2019, Leonardo is showcasing its Vulcano (photo) family of unguided and guided ammunition, including 76mm and 127mm naval guns, and 155mm land artillery systems, which can deliver an effect at an extreme range. Guided ammunition works through a combination of GPS and an inertial unit, with the possibility of terminal guidance, allowing an extended range exceeding three times the standard one, providing metric accuracy and minimizing collateral damages.

In the electronics domain, Leonardo is offering its C4I technologies, providing digital battle management support across a wide range of functions. Thanks to the customizable combination of simulation components and real systems, Armed Forces are provided with tailored solutions compliant with the strictest NATO standards. Leonardo also presents the S-Wave Manpack VB1 two-channel radio based on Software Defined Radio technology and the SWave Enhanced Handheld advanced body-worn radio, offering simultaneous voice and data communications at the tactical edge of the battlefield network.

 Leonardo will also be presenting its offer in the air defense field, with its RAT-31 DL advanced L-band 3D surveillance radar. It has an instrumental range of almost 500km, which – in the mobile version – can be easily assembled and disassembled on the battlefield. Additionally, the radar provides increased survivability thanks to its rapid adaptability to a broad spectrum of changing operational scenarios. The company’s presence also focuses on the Kronos Grand Mobile, a highly compact multifunctional system, designed for land based tactical operations, which require outstanding air and coastal surveillance against conventional and asymmetric threats.

A model of the Trieste Landing Helicopter Dock multipurpose amphibious unit represents Leonardo’s offer in the naval domain. The new Italian Navy ship will integrate Leonardo’s Combat System, including an open architecture, modular and reconfigurable, new generation Combat Management System, and three 76/62 SR Strales Multi Feeding mount guns, able to shoot the DART guided ammunition which can change its trajectory and be re-vectored towards the target during its flight, besides new generation X and L band Kronos AESA radar systems.

 Leonardo, a global high-technology company, is among the top ten world players in Aerospace, Defense and Security and Italy’s main industrial company.

 Organized into five business divisions, Leonardo has a significant industrial presence in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and the USA, where it also operates through subsidiaries such as Leonardo DRS (defense electronics), and joint ventures and partnerships: ATR, MBDA, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space and Avio. Leonardo competes in the most important international markets by leveraging its areas of technological and product leadership (Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Electronics, Cyber Security and Space).

 Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (LDO), in 2018 Leonardo recorded consolidated revenues of €12.2 billion and invested €1.4 billion in Research and Development. The Group has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) since 2010 and became Industry leader of Aerospace & Defense sector of DJSI in 2019.


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