Police Media Strategy to be Launched in Bahrain

21.12.2011 Bahrain
Police Media Strategy to be Launched in Bahrain

Police Media Strategy to be Launched in Bahrain

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Director of Police Media at the Ministry of Interior Lt-Col Mohammed Bin Daina has affirmed that a new strategy will be initiated for police media to reinforce trust between policemen and citizens. He has said this will be meant to meet situations and challenges that had become clear following the release of the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission for Inquiry (BICI) and its recommendations.

He said the proposed strategy had various dimensions, but was mainly concerned with preparing a meaningful media mission linked to the concerns of citizens and residents and aimed at being pre-emptive in releasing information.

Speaking during the latest episode of “Al Amn” radio show, which was dedicated to highlighting the achievements of the Ministry of Interior on Bahraini Police Day, Lt-Col Bin Daina said the Police Media Directorate was the fruitful result of the development and modernization of the Ministry. He said the Directorate was established during the reorganization of the Ministry in 2007, worked round the clock, was equipped with the latest technology and was run by qualified experts. The Police Media Centre is dedicated to enhancing connectivity between the Ministry's internal and external communities.

Lt-Col Bin Daina highlighted the main achievements of the Ministry in 2011 and said that despite Bahrain witnessing a difficult time this year, the police had fulfilled its missions and duties with efficiency. He said the Ministry was dedicated to seriously tackling of all challenges and opening new avenues of development with commitment to human rights principles.

The Ministry had also made achievements at the regional level with the proposal by His Excellency Minister of Interior to form the GCC Police receiving backing.

Lt-Col Bin Daina said that this year had also witnessed reduction in crime as only 23,266 cases had been reported to the Ministry, compared to 27,706 in 2010. Also, there were only 49 fatal road accidents this year.


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