Bahrain Declares Martial Law

Reuters16.03.2011 Bahrain
Bahrain Declares Martial Law

Bahrain Declares Martial Law

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Bahrain declared martial law on Tuesday, a day after Saudi Forces arrived in the Kingdom to help restore calm following weeks of unrest by anti-government protesters.

Bahrain TV said “the King authorized the Commander of Bahrain's Defense Forces to take all necessary measures to protect the safety of the country and its citizens.”    

The Royal order was due to come into force on Tuesday and would apply to all parts of the state, a regional oil and banking hub, with the country's security forces taking charge for the next three months.

It was not clear if a curfew would be imposed or whether there would be any clampdown on media or public gathering.

On Monday, more than 1,000 Saudi troops rolled into the Kingdom in a long convoy of armored vehicles at the request of Bahrain's Rulers, crossing the causeway connecting Saudi Arabia to the island nation.

The United Arab Emirates said it would also send 500 police.


Source: Reuters



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