Algerian Chief of Staff Visits Main Naval Base in 2nd Military Region

06.06.2023 Algeria
Algerian Chief of Staff Visits Main Naval Base in 2nd Military Region

Algerian Chief of Staff Visits Main Naval Base in 2nd Military Region

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Within the framework of his working and inspection visit to the 2nd Military Region, in Oran (Algeria), General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, carried a visit to the Main Naval Base of Mers-El-Kébir, where he inquired about working and living conditions of the personnel and inaugurated new workshops belonging to the Naval Construction and Repair Company.

After the welcoming ceremony, given at the base by Major General Mahfoud Benmeddah, Commander of the Naval Forces, General Chanegriha, accompanied by Major General Mohamed Taieb Brakni, Commander of the 2nd Military Region, attended an exhaustive presentation given by the Commander of the Naval Forces on the state of the development program progress of Algerian Naval Forces.

Subsequently, General Chanegriha went to the Naval Construction and Repair Company, where he proceeded to the inauguration of new production infrastructures, for the benefit of this company, leader in its field at national level, the Algerian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The inauguration ceremony was punctuated by a visit to the new workshops, as well as the construction chain and the lifting complex, where General Chanegriha followed the different construction phases of the first tugs, manufactured at the Naval Construction and Repair Company. As such, exhaustive explanations were provided to him by the workshop Managers. On-site, General Chanegriha gave instructions and guidelines relating in particular to the need to preserve this important achievement and to accomplish the assigned missions, with rigor and dedication, in the service of the supreme interests of the country.

At the end, General Chanegriha inspected the naval formations before visiting some floating units where he inquired about their availability and their various components and modern equipment.

Earlier, General Chanegriha supervised, at the 2nd Shooting and Maneuvers Polygon of Rdjam Demmouche, a tactical night exercise with live ammunition, entitled: “El-Israr-2023”, carried out by units of the 8th Armored Division, supported by units of the Land Forces and technical support units, and the Territory Air Defense.

First, General Chanegriha followed the presentations presented respectively by the Commander of the 2nd Military Region and the Commander of the 8th Armored Division, about the main idea of the exercise, split into two phases: The first theoretical, with the participation of the staffs of the regional commands and of the participating units; the second, dynamic, with the commitment of the executing units.

At the 2nd Shooting and Maneuver Polygon of Rdjam Demmouche, General Chanegriha closely followed the progress of the exercise, carried out at night, in conditions close to reality, in accordance with the established plan.

The objectives of this exercise were to improve the skills of the staffs in the preparation and the organization of night combat actions and the coordination between the different forces, in addition to provide Commanders with necessary experience in the conduct of units, through coordination and collaboration between the units and the elementary units, and to the crews more mastery of the weapons systems, and to assess the operational readiness and the capacity to carry out, and in all circumstances, the night combat missions.

The execution of this exercise highlighted the high availability of the participating units and their ability to successfully accomplish the assigned tasks, as well as the crews’ mastery of high-tech weapons and equipment. It also demonstrated the development achieved by our Armed Forces in recent years.

At the end of the exercise, General Chanegriha congratulated the personnel of the involved units, for the enormous efforts they provided throughout the year of combat preparation 2022-2023 and during the preparation and the execution of this exercise. In this context, it valued the results recorded which were in accordance with the plans drawn up, as well as with the objectives and the nature of the main assigned missions in the territory of competence.

Finally, General Chanegriha reviewed the formations involved in this exercise. (Source & Photo © Algerian Ministry of Defense)




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