Safeguarding the Skies: HENSOLDT’s ARGOS Airborne Imaging Systems

13.05.2024 Products
Safeguarding the Skies: HENSOLDT’s ARGOS Airborne Imaging Systems

Safeguarding the Skies: HENSOLDT’s ARGOS Airborne Imaging Systems

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In modern defence and security operations, the ability to gather accurate, timely intelligence from the air is paramount. For over 35 years, HENSOLDT has been a leader in providing airborne electro-optical solutions, and its ARGOS series stands as a testament to this legacy. Combining cutting-edge technology with battle-proven reliability, the ARGOS series offers unmatched capabilities for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.

HENSOLDT’s commitment to excellence and its “detect and protect” philosophy have made us a trusted partner for Armed Forces and security organisations worldwide, providing them with the technology needed to maintain control of complex and asymmetric threats.

ARGOS: Field-Proven and Cutting-Edge

HENSOLDT develops and manufacture the ARGOS series of airborne electro-optical sensors and systems for integration into aircraft, unmanned air vehicles and helicopters. These sophisticated solutions enable effective surveillance, identification, intelligence gathering and targeting from the vantage point of an airborne platform. The series includes class-sizes for varying levels of surveillance on different platforms for a range of applications, making the ARGOS a versatile and adaptable choice for modern missions. The ARGOS-II, the flagship product of the series, is a 15-inch class electro-optical system designed for medium- to long-range missions. Its field-proven capabilities have been trusted in diverse operational environments across the globe. Building on the success of the ARGOS-II, HENSOLDT has introduced the ARGOS-8, an 8-inch electro-optical system designed for smaller tactical UAV systems.

The Field-Proven ARGOS-II

With a legacy spanning multiple countries and platforms, the ARGOS-II has established itself as a stalwart in the industry. Deployed in more than 22 countries and on more than 25 platforms, this robust 15-inch-class electro-optical system is a legend of aerial surveillance, offering unparalleled situational awareness. Ideal for medium- to long-range missions, the ARGOS-II offers persistent surveillance, high-resolution imaging, and advanced stabilization for precise target tracking. Deployable on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, it is the ultimate solution for critical long-range missions where situational awareness is paramount.

The ARGOS-II HD airborne electro-optical system is designed for installation on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ideal for military, border and maritime patrols, as well as law enforcement missions. This high-performance, stabilised system combines multiple sensors and electronics into a single interchangeable unit. Its features include a high-definition (HD) MWIR thermal imaging camera with continuous optical zoom, a unique HD, multispectral zoom TV-camera and either an HD multispectral spotter camera, or a short-wave infrared (SWIR) spotter camera for enhanced capabilities in challenging conditions with low visibility. Advanced image processing functions, such as picture-in-picture display, edge enhancement, haze penetration, pseudo colours and day/thermal image-fusion, ensure optimised image-performance across diverse operational conditions.

Targeting capability is provided in the ARGOS-II HDT, by way of a precision laser designator, or rangefinder. The designator is a dual wavelength system, providing a selectable eye-safe ranging mode. Additionally, laser pointers and laser illuminators are offered as options to enhance the operational effectiveness of the system. From the system’s proven 4-axes stabilised gimbal design, to the outstanding high-performance sensors, every detail of the ARGOS-II HD and ARGOS-II HDT attests to the systems’ suitability for advanced operational requirements.

The Agile ARGOS-8

Balancing size, weight and capability, the ARGOS-8 offers clear imaging for mid-range surveillance and targeting missions. Designed for smaller tactical UAV systems, this 8-inch system is perfect for border patrol, search and rescue, and environmental monitoring. It provides a compact and lightweight solution for a variety of platforms. With its ideal SWaP (size, weight and power) ratio, the ARGOS-8 is the go-to choice for agile and adaptable missions. Weighing 6 kg, the ARGOS-8 offers clear imaging and is the go-to choice for agile and adaptable missions where versatility is key.

The mechanically stabilised EOS is fitted with three sensors. Offering day and night operation for observation as well as target range finding and designation using the semi active laser designator. Various software functions such as video auto-tracker with correlation and scene tracking are standard. The integral INS provides accurate geo-location information of the targets. The STANAG compliant meta-data inclusive video can be easily integrated with other mapping and command and control software, or used with the optional supplied mapping and mission software suite. Digital stabilisation for the video images is also available in ISR mode.

The requirement to accurately designate an object from a small UAV platform can be fulfilled with ARGOS-8, which is designed as an effective EOS for smaller tactical UAV systems, thereby enhancing and significantly expanding the capabilities of these platforms. Supported by fire planning and correction software, the system is ideal for an artillery-forward observer application.  



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