New Russian Sapper Robot Set on Trials

14.11.2023 Products
New Russian Sapper Robot Set on Trials

New Russian Sapper Robot Set on Trials

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The MGR-4 Shmel (“Bumblebee”) sapper robot trials were recently broadcasted on the Russian TV channels. The vehicle has been designed for humanitarian de-mining operations to eliminate anti-personnel mines and unexploded cassette projectiles. The report claims the vehicle is capable of withstanding at least two mine explosions of 200 grams of TNT.

The robot in the footage withstood the explosion of explosives weighing 75 grams under the trawl. After this, the mass of the explosive was increased to 200 grams, as a result of which the machine lost one of the chain trawl hammers. Another 200 grams of explosives were installed under the track. After the explosion, the vehicle lost one lug, but the track did not break.

Also during the tests, a situation was simulated in which a vehicle that had lost one track got stuck in the ground. In this case, it was removed using a standard winch.

Created by the Signal Research Institute (VNII) and the KEMZ Electromechanical Plant (both are based in the city of Kovrov, 270 km east from Moscow being subsidiaries of the Rostec HPW - High Precision Weapons holding), the MGR-4 Shmel is developed on the basis of the ANT-1000 mini-loader. The vehicle is in a serial production at the KEMZ facilities. The initial driver’s cabin was dismantled and the Signal-made Prometheus remote-control system was installed. The producer declared the range of the control signal as of 1000 meters.

In August, Deputy Executive Director for Civil Products of the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant, Igor Tupitsyn, reported that an improved version of the Russian MGR-4 Shmel sapper robot received a lightweight control tablet instead of a heavy backpack while the first deputy general director of Rostec, Vladimir Artyakov, said the vehicles would be sent to new regions of Russia.

HPW is internationally recognized for a variety of the smart weaponry, including the Iskander missile system, the Pantsir SHORADS and Kornet ATGM among many others. (Source & Photo © Laguk-Media)



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