AM General Reveals Three New Tactical Vehicles at AUSA 2023

09.10.2023 Products
AM General Reveals Three New Tactical Vehicles at AUSA 2023

AM General Reveals Three New Tactical Vehicles at AUSA 2023

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AM General, the leading manufacturer of light tactical vehicles and mobility systems, is featuring its mission ready and future driven capabilities to support the Warfighter now and in the future at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) taking place from 9-11 October 2023 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

The company will debut the all new JLTV A2 and Trailer with a Bulk Water System, the HUMVEE Charge Hybrid Electric Vehicle concept, and the HUMVEE Next Generation Shop Equipment Contact Maintenance truck (HUMVEE 2-CT SECM).

“Participating in AUSA allows us to foster the strong relationships we have forged with our customers and industry partners,” said Jim Cannon, AM General President and CEO.

“The show provides an opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to those who serve to protect us by showcasing innovative solutions and capabilities that support them and their mission,” he added.

AM General is showcasing the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JTLV A2) which features additional enhancements over the first-generation model as well as new exterior design cues. Key changes include an upgraded powertrain, simplified electrical architecture which can accommodate future hybridization, improvements in noise reduction, and improved corrosion protection. Additionally, the company will also display the JLTV-T Trailer which will feature Navistar Defense’s proposed solution for the US Army’s Water Bison program. AM General’s partnership with Navistar Defense on the JLTV-T is a testament to the company’s collaborative spirit and excitement to work with industry leaders to support the Warfighter and their mission.

The company will debut the HUMVEE Charge hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) concept that is designed to deliver exportable power, silent drive/silent watch capabilities, and enhanced fuel efficiency for extended range driving. The three driving modes consist of a diesel internal combustion engine (ICE), a hybrid powertrain that adds the use of an electric motor to the ICE, and an all-electric motor to power the vehicle for different missions from disaster relief to special operations requiring silent mobility. Based off the iconic HUMVEE platform, the HUMVEE Charge has been upgraded with a new semi-active suspension that increases wheel travel by 50%, while providing an increase in gross vehicle weight rating to maintain the rugged qualities for which the platform is famous. The HUMVEE Charge is a plug-in HEV that takes advantage of commercial off the shelf (COTS) components to charge off Level 1 or Level 2/3 fast chargers.

The HUMVEE 2-CT SECM truck is also displayed at AUSA. As the prime contractor and, in partnership with Rock Island Arsenal, AM General will deliver quality and consistency in the HUMVEE 2-CT SECM manufacturing process by applying its Quality Management System across the entire enterprise which includes production parts suppliers, chassis and shelter production, and integrated vehicle testing. This next generation mobile maintenance platform allows for combat, tactical, ground support, and aviation equipment needed for maneuvering and supporting units to be easily maintained in situational environments. In keeping with the HUMVEE platform’s mantra of going where those who serve go, the ability to allow major combat systems to return to the fight as quickly as possible maximizes operational agility and drives force readiness. Key features include on-board exportable power provided by vehicle power, the NATO slave cable, and the onboard inverter as well as COTS equipment and work tools. Production of the HUMVEE 2-CT SECM began in the summer of 2023. (Photo: The HUMVEE Charge Hybrid Electric Vehicle Concept © AM General)




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