Iran Unveils New Precision-Striking Drone

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Iran Unveils New Precision-Striking Drone

Iran Unveils New Precision-Striking Drone

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The Iranian Defense Ministry unveiled a new precision-striking combat drone named Ababil (Flock of Birds) days after the country’s Armed Forces put its drone power on display in large-scale drills.

The new cruise missile carrying drone with high destructive power was unveiled during an exhibition held by the Defense Ministry on Saturday, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

The drone has been outfitted with an optical seeker and a warhead capable of detecting targets. It is also able to capture and relaying live images of the targets, lock on terrestrial targets and destroying them with precision.

The Iranian Army has recently staged large-scale drone wargames across the country with the participation of different units and the involvement of more than 150 new advanced drones. The military exercises were participated by forces of four units of the Army, namely the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force and Air Defense Force.

Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said the drills are the most massive war games conducted by all four branches of the Army across mainland Iran and in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

“Iran has deployed all its drone and electronic warfare capabilities in the exercises,” he noted.

Military officials say Tehran is self-sufficient in building drones from their fuselage to various subsystems and engines, adding the country’s Armed Forces are equipped and ready to carry out any type of drone operations and missions. Tehran stresses its drone capability is non-negotiable.

Back in late May, Iran showed off an underground drone base where a range of advanced drones were housed and operated for potential combat and other missions.

During his visit, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri underscored that the pilotless aircraft have enhanced Iran’s deterrence power.

He underlined the significance of drones in defending the country’s interests, and added that they have found a special place in different defensive, offensive, land, sea, air and air defense areas.

Noting that deterrence is not possible with old methods and equipment and requires new methods, Major General Baqeri said that “the drones that we saw today can play such a role”. 



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