Iran Unveils Two New Radars and Missile Defense System

Photo © Fars News Agency PRESS TV22.04.2020 Products
Iran Unveils Two New Radars and Missile Defense System

Iran Unveils Two New Radars and Missile Defense System

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Iran’s Army has unveiled two new homegrown strategic radar systems in another move to further enhance its air defense capability.

The radars, named Khalij-e Fars (Persian Gulf) and Moraqeb (Watchful), were unveiled in a ceremony on Sunday in the presence of Chief Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, PRESS TV reported.

Khalij-e Fars is a long-range and strategic radar system with an operational range of over 800 kilometers. It is a phased-array three-dimensional radar system with modern technology that can detect all conventional and radar-evading targets as well as ballistic missiles.

Moraqeb is also a three-dimensional advanced phased-array radar with high precision and a range of 400 kilometers. It can spot airborne targets with high accuracy and detect different types of small targets at low and medium altitudes as well as radar-evading and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The system has been designed and manufactured by the Army’s Air Defense experts in cooperation with Iranian knowledge-based companies.

Iran has also unveiled a missile defense system designed and manufactured by experts at home.

The surface-to-air missile system, dubbed Bavar-373, is a mobile missile defense system designed to intercept and destroy incoming hostile targets. The system employs missiles that have a maximum range of 300 kilometers.

On Saturday, Army’s Air Force and Air Defense received a large number of advanced combat and surveillance drones from the Ministry of Defense to strengthen the country’s security. 



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