ARQUUS Presents its New Logistics 8x8 Truck

14.10.2019 Products
ARQUUS Presents its New Logistics 8x8 Truck

ARQUUS Presents its New Logistics 8x8 Truck

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Exhibitor at the Forum Entreprise Défense which concluded in Satory, France last week, ARQUUS presented its vision of the logistics truck for the armed forces. This 8x8 is the first element of a fully new ARQUUS logistics range, specifically developed to meet the military needs.

ARQUUS’ story is also the story of troop and equipment transport vehicles which have been serving in the French Army for more than a century.

Supplier of the first motor vehicle of the Army (the 1898 Panhard), of the Berliet and Renault Trucks of the Voie Sacrée, vital to the defense of Verdun, and the Latil tractors, ARQUUS is also the manufacturer of the lengendary VLRA, which have been serving on all theaters of operations. The company has also been supplying the GBC 8KT and GBC 180, as well as the TRM, which have been the workhorses of the armies or decades, and which still take charge of a large part of the Army logistics.

Supporting the armies, ARQUUS still supports and modernizes these fleets, many of which have been in service for more than 40 years.

The 8x8 base for this new ARQUUS logistics truck is manufactured in France and has been specifically designed for military applications. Its innovative driveline has been developed on own equity by ARQUUS with the Group’s support and know-how.

The vehicle benefits from an electronic management system for the driveline, the ATC (Automatic Traction Control). This new generation system automatically switches on and off the forward axles’ motricity. It also manages the differential locks on all axles.

The vehicle thus benefits from optimal mobility on all grounds, while also limiting the tire wear and the fuel consumption. This feature reduces the needs for maintenance and support.

Versatile, this 8x8 truck is available for all kinds of missions for the armies, from logistics and strategic transport to tank or systems transport, as well as breakdown truck missions. Depending on these missions, ARQUUS can offer two different versions for the cabin: unprotected, and protected against ballistic and mine threats according to STANAG 4569.

The 8x8 can accommodate a ring-mounted weapon, or a remote-controlled weapon system as the Hornet Lite, weapon of choice for self-defense. The new 8x8 has also been designed to accommodate new generation information and communication systems. It is notably Scorpion-equipment ready.

It can be equipped with all the automation solutions developed within the Group, notably the platooning solutions. It is also ready for the most advanced technologies regarding energy management and maintenance. These proven solutions, first developed for important civilian duty trucks, are available for the armies, thanks to ARQUUS’ experience in terms of dual technology militarization, adaptation and integration.

ARQUUS’ historical know-how in the fields of support, based on long-term support for wide kinds of fleets, allows for significant cuts in maintenance costs and optimized availability. In order to get closer to the armies, ARQUUS also benefits from its logistics network, in France as all over the world.

ARQUUS is a French Defense company, European leader of land mobility solutions. Historical partner of the armies, ARQUUS has more than 25,000 vehicles of all types currently in service in the French Army, 20,000 of which are supported by the company.

ARQUUS takes part to the development of the new Army combat vehicles, the VBMR Griffon and the ’EBRC Jaguar, developed in the framework of a Temporary Grouping of Companies. ARQUUS is notably in charge of providing with these vehicles’ drivelines and remote-controlled self-defense systems.

ARQUUS also takes charge of the logistics for all these vehicles’ spare parts and organs thanks to its new logistics center in Fourchambault, France.



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