Iran Unveils New Tactical Communication System

FNA Mehr09.07.2019 Products
Iran Unveils New Tactical Communication System

Iran Unveils New Tactical Communication System

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The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps unveiled on Sunday a new tactical communication system named Sepehr 110 in a ceremony in the presence of IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

Sepehr 110 is an advanced communication system which meets all the communication needs of commanders in different strategic, operational, tactical and combat levels in offensive, defensive and security conditions as well as unexpected incidents.

 The system is equipped with different communication layers for defense and security conditions, including HF, V/UHF, digital, safe, multi band, multi channel, DS and FH and enjoys the ability for network roaming and remote-controlled operation with needed bandwidth to transmit voice, data and image.

 Sepehr 110 can be mounted on vehicles and vessels and can be transferred to highlands and work in any weather conditions.

 Addressing the unveiling ceremony, General Salami (photo) praised Iranian scientists for developing the complicated system, saying that Iran “is breaking the big powers’ monopoly in the field of advanced communication technologies”.

 In a relevant development in April, Iranian researchers could produce home-made communication systems to transmit mega data via optical fibers.

 One of the products is OTN which was indigenized by the Iranian scientists and can transmit 2 TB of data through optical fibers, Sajjad Momeni, one of the researchers, said.

 He added that the next product is named Multiplexer (PDH) which acts as a transmitter in telecommunication systems with the bandwidth of 1.25Gig.

 According to Momeni, the third product is optical fiber module (SFP) which turns electrical data into laser or optic. 



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