SMAG, ERA Co-Develop New Mobile Antenna Mast System

06.03.2017 Products
SMAG, ERA Co-Develop New Mobile Antenna Mast System

SMAG, ERA Co-Develop New Mobile Antenna Mast System

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SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH, the German mast manufacturer, developed a new mast system in cooperation with the Czech developer and supplier of passive radar systems ERA a.s.

The objective of this project was to connect both products in an optimal way. Radar and antenna mast work together as one unit. During transport, the whole system is protected and invisibly stored in a military shelter.

The Mobile Antenna Masts are manufactured in Salzgitter, Germany, since the beginning of 1974.

Over 1900 masts are in successful operation worldwide for military missions like communication, observation, surveillance, as well as for disaster management.

State of the art technology permits maximum mobility on rough terrain. The great advantages of the new mast system are high payloads up to 1.2 tons with highest accuracy at the mast point, even at high wind speeds without using any kind of guy wires. The masts are fully automated, operable in intermediate heights and ready for any type of mission after a very short installation time.

The unique passive reconnaissance and surveillance system VERA by ERA can be perfectly complemented with the reliable SMAG antenna mast. The new compact mast unit is integrated into a standard 20’-container and ideally supplements the wide range of SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts.

SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH (SMAM) a subsidiary of Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG, is the unique manufacturer for Mobile Antenna Masts worldwide up to a height of 40 m without using any kind of guy wires. The Mobile Antenna Masts are globally used for disaster and military operation, for mobile communication, radio and broadcasting transmissions. The mast systems are tailor made and can be mounted e.g. on trailers, trucks, containers, armored vehicles and platforms.

Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG (SMAG) is the holding company of a German group of mechanical engineering companies with factories in Germany, China, India and Slovakia where grabs for loading and unloading seagoing cargo vessels, fully equipped driver cabins, automated drilling technology for the open-pit and underground mining industry, special-purpose vehicles for the process industry as well as mechanic and hydraulic telescopic antenna masts are developed and manufactured.

ERA a.s. (a member of Omnipol Group) is a pioneer and leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets. As one of the developers of the respected technologies of multilateration and ADS-B and thanks to the company‘s traditional products ERA has 100 installations at a series of aerodromes, air traffic control centers and military organizations in 60 countries on all continents except Antarctica.

For more than half a century ERA has built a proud heritage delivering multilateration based solutions such as wide area multilateration and surface surveillance to ATC controllers. Apart from systems for the civil sector, ERA has developed the unique passive radiolocation system VERA-NG - an essential part of any modern defense surveillance network and advanced border protection.



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