AS&E Debuts 3 Security Screening Systems in Middle East

17.03.2016 Products
AS&E Debuts 3 Security Screening Systems in Middle East

AS&E Debuts 3 Security Screening Systems in Middle East

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American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), a leading worldwide supplier of X-ray detection solutions, introduced three scanning systems to the Middle East suited to help authorities combat terrorism and security threats.

The new products include the next generation Z Portal® system, the CarView™ portal and the Tx-View™ dual-energy transmission option for the ZBV® mobile cargo and vehicle screening systems.

AS&E is featuring these products at the ongoing ISNR 2016 taking place in Abu Dhabi (15-17 March).

“Security agencies in the Middle East have experienced how our systems help reduce the level of vulnerability to explosive threats and contraband. We are sure they will find that our new offerings address high-priority security objectives and strengthen their ability to protect residents, visitors, and critical infrastructure against terrorist threats,” said Chuck Dougherty, President and CEO of AS&E.

The next generation Z Portal system is the only drive-through cargo and vehicle inspection system that uses multiple detection technologies to provide up to six views - including dual-energy transmission, Z Backscatter®, and Forwardscatter® images - of scanned passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and cargo. The new Z Portal system incorporates AS&E's latest source and detector innovations in a more compact design, enabling improved image quality at higher throughput in space-constrained locations such as checkpoints at high-threat facilities.

The CarView portal screens occupied cars and small vehicles to help secure special events, parking garages, and high-threat locations. The system uses innovative Wave Shifting Fibers (WSF) detector technology to simultaneously produce two top-down images: a high-quality dual-energy transmission image and a Z Backscatter image of the scanned vehicle. The dual-energy transmission image offers material discrimination technology to detect metallic and organic threats and contraband, while the photo-like Z Backscatter image offers enhanced detection of organic threats such as explosives, drugs, and stowaways. This cost-effective, versatile system is easily relocatable and its compact footprint meets the physical requirements of standard tollbooth lanes.

Tx-View is a dual-energy transmission option for AS&E's line of ZBV mobile cargo and vehicle screening systems. This ZBV with Tx-View option allows security personnel to simultaneously acquire dual-energy transmission images for detection of metallic threats such as weapons and artillery shells, and Z Backscatter images for superior detection of organic threats and contraband. Deployed quickly and easily, the Tx-View option is self-contained in a trailer for storage and transport, providing customs and security officials with the lowest cost, most versatile, multi-technology, mobile cargo and vehicle screening system available today.

The MINI Z system enables law enforcement, public safety, and other security professionals to scan in places other systems can't reach and determine "on-the-go" if drugs, explosives, or other threats are present in difficult-to-reach locations such as car interiors and aircraft compartments.



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