Iranian Navy Unveils New Equipment

FNA25.11.2015 Products
Iranian Navy Unveils New Equipment

Iranian Navy Unveils New Equipment

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The Iranian Navy unveiled new equipment on Monday, including solid S-band radar system, submarine exist simulator, map and information management electronic system, radar networking system and Mark 46 torpedo engine test system, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported

Tracking and tracing surface targets by 4 X-band and S-band radar systems mounted on Sabalan destroyer on Lark island, integrated processing and displaying information of surface targets and interception of an unlimited number of systems are the main specifications of networking radars in operations areas.

On October 19, the Iranian Army unveiled and launched its newly-developed radar system during the ongoing massive wargames in the Western parts of the country.

The radar system named “Fath (Conquer) 14” (photo) covers areas 600 km in range and is capable of tracking small flying objects in high altitudes.

High agility and rapid contact with the command and control network are among other features of the semiconductor radar which can identify enemies' strategic targets in a 600km radius

According to military officials, Fath 14 is the first of a kind in the region.

Iran announced in September that the country's experts were preparing to launch a new radar system, “Qaem Al-e Mohammad”, in the near future.

The new radar system will cover a range of 1,000km which can increase the Iranian Armed Forces' capability to monitor different parts of the country and the regional moves.

On September 1, Iran unveiled two new home-made radar systems named Nazir and Bina with the capability of detecting radar-evading targets and fighting against electronic warfare.

Nazir is a long-range and high-precision radar system which is highly capable of detecting targets in low radar cross section and is resistant to radar evading and anti-radar missiles. The radar can detect all radar-evading targets and is capable of fighting electronic warfare.

Bina and Nazir radar systems have been mounted in the mountainous and plain regions in Southeastern Iran.



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