Orbital ATK Begins Production of Next Generation 120mm Tank Ammunition

22.07.2015 Products
Orbital ATK Begins Production of Next Generation 120mm Tank Ammunition

Orbital ATK Begins Production of Next Generation 120mm Tank Ammunition

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Orbital ATK, Inc., a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, announced that the M829E4 Advanced Kinetic Energy 120mm tactical tank cartridge has passed First Article Acceptance Testing and is entering into production. A full material release decision is expected prior to government fiscal year 2016.

Orbital ATK’s current M829E4 production contract includes this first year’s production and exercisable options for two follow-on production years with a total value of $80 million. An additional five-year, production contract is expected to fulfill Army inventory requirements. Ammunition contracts are awarded through the U.S. Army Maneuver Ammunition Systems through its role as the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition, the organization responsible for the procurement of ammunition for all U.S. Armed Services.

“During our more than 30 years of large caliber ammunition program experience with the Army, we have now partnered with the U.S. Army to type classify 11 of the 13, 120mm tactical and training rounds for the Abrams tank,” said Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager for Orbital ATK’s Armament Systems division of the Defense Systems Group.

“From initially providing the 120mm ammunition that ‘upgunned’ the Abrams from a 105mm to a 120mm main gun platform until today, our company has made it a business priority to partner with the Army to maintain the Abrams' standing as the world's dominant tank,” he added.

The M829E4 Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot with Tracer Cartridge is the Army's fifth generation, 120mm kinetic energy cartridge that features a penetrator capable of defeating all current, modern armor protection suites as well as future armor protection concepts.

The cartridge incorporates an advanced design, long-rod penetrator and an exclusive composite sabot that facilitates the most efficient transfer of energy to maximize the rod’s penetrating power. The use of a unique propellant blend maintains a consistent muzzle velocity across operational temperatures ranging from extreme cold to extreme hot. Additionally, the advanced combustible cartridge case incorporates a relocated skive joint placement that improves armor crew safety during handling.



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