The EB Tough VoIP Field Phone

05.10.2012 Products
The EB Tough VoIP Field Phone

The EB Tough VoIP Field Phone

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Finland’s Elektrobit (EB) Corporation developed the EB Tough VoIP (Voice over IP) Field Phone and Desktop Phone, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing communications infrastructures, e.g. in combat vehicles and on naval ships.

The EB Tough VoIP Field Phone comes with an integrated speaker and an Ethernet and SHDSL connectivity. The phone enables several applications, including greater levels of voice and broadband services in the field, streaming video, maps, real-time data, and situational awareness as well as local Ethernet connections for other devices.

The EB Tough VoIP Desktop Phone is equipped with an integrated speaker and Ethernet connectivity providing voice services for command posts and vehicular use.

The EB Tough VoIP phones easily integrate to both existing and future tactical communications IP infrastructures, both wireless and wired.

The EB Tough VoIP phones, Field Phone and Desktop Phone, are SIP V2 based VoIP clients that provide interoperability with other SIP clients and server implementations available in the commercial and defense market.

However, the products have been designed to meet the requirements of tactical environments where network services may not be present or where the network topology is constantly changing (e.g. MANET). EB Tough VoIP phones incorporate restricted mode functionality that enables introduction of voice over IP services in dynamic self forming networks without servers.

EB Tough VoIP phones support rapid deployment and are intuitive and easy to operate – basic operation does not require technical training. Special attention has been paid to optimize bandwidth utilization and to tolerance for network latencies. It goes without saying, that all Tough VoIP phones provide exceptional audio quality even in extremely noisy environment and support variety of third party accessories, such as tactical headsets.

The unique feature of the Field Phone is that it provides cost optimized solution for deploying last-mile long distance IP network over conventional field wire. Field Phone provides Ethernet connectivity that can be utilized for accessing the created field network through the unit.


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