Cassidian Acquires SurveyCopter

21.10.2011 Products
Cassidian Acquires SurveyCopter

Cassidian Acquires SurveyCopter

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Cassidian has acquired SurveyCopter in order to increase the synergies within its light UAV segment (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV).

Created in 1996, SurveyCopter is a French defense company based in France and Switzerland. Cassidian and SurveyCopter are partners since 2003.

Cassidian plans to launch a new industrial pole specifically dedicated to tactical UAVs and light UAVs, including VTOL UAV programs (Vertical Take-Off and Landing - VTOL), in order to better match a growing demand of the sector in both military and private mission environments. As the result of a long term vision, this addition would greatly enhance the commercial possibilities in targeted export markets such as India or the Middle-East.

SurveyCopter is a leading company in the domains of hostile environment robotic, and autopilot particularly for VTOL through its subsidiary WeControl. Its customer base is complementary with Cassidian clients and operators.

Dr. Stefan Zoller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cassidian, said: "With this acquisition, Cassidian continues to expand its UAV capabilities and its global market approach, targeting new businesses in the small UAV segment."

Pierre Tantot, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SurveyCopter, added: "We are very proud to definitely join the Cassidian UAV team, bringing in our unique expertise on light UAVs, which represent a growing part of the market."

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